ORC Pit to Paradise: Week Two

Before we can implement any of our plans for this space, we need to remove everything. This week I was able to remove almost all of the pavers, retaining blocks, and stones, and probably a little over half of the weeds. 

At the top of the photo, you get a glimpse of the gravel/paver style we're planning for the patio.

We’re giving all the materials away. One of the landscapers who bid on the backyard offered to haul everything off for $500. I know that once I post this on Nextdoor for free, it’ll be gone, which TOTALLY justifies adding $500 to our budget for outdoor furniture, right??  Honestly, we've had so much interest in the flagstone already that I think we probably could have sold it, but I'm not sure it'd be worth the headache. 

Those trash bags, plus two more out of the frame, were filled with weeds pulled by hand out of the future grassy area.  We opted to do it manually for lack of better options.  Roundup is the most common way to prep an area for sod, because it breaks down after a week or two.  Considering the ongoing lawsuit and the fact that no one could conclusively say it's not carcinogenic, we didn't feel comfortable using that on our play area, or in a space where we'd be working while the chemical was active.  The second most common method of prepping for sod is solarization, when you cover the weeds with tarps for a few weeks.  Solarization is supposed to be super effective and safe, but it also kills the good organisms in the soil, so our soil wouldn't be ready for sod until winter (and also until after the end of the One Room Challenge).  

My hands hurt.

This week, we (I) have to finish removing the weeds and stones, and use the soil from the old raised bed to level the low spots in the yard. We're also going to begin construction on phase two of the tree house and obstacle course, and hopefully prep the area against the house for a gravel patio.

I hope you're following along with what some of the other participants are up to!  I saw some exciting plans over there last week.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yep, if we were on the same continent, I'd grab that flagstone. After so much hard work on preparing the ground, I hope you are justifiably proud!


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