One Room Challenge: Master Bath REVEAL!!!!

Our last six weeks have been almost totally devoted to transforming this room.  This time two weeks ago, I was certain that we'd never finish by the deadline (today).  Patrick was so encouraging and kept us moving forward anyway.  Now, as of 2:05pm on Wednesday, we are DONE!  *

Now for some pictures: 
Before (Sorry for the awful quality; this screenshot from a facebook live is the only pre-demolition picture we have!)

I'm enamored, exhausted, proud, and thankful.  I still can't believe we did it all ourselves.  My sweet husband poured himself into this room for me even when I was at my most unreasonable, like last night at 11:30 when I asked him to do one last "little" thing (installing the hooks on the tile wall) even though he had to wake up at 5am.

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*We won't be able to actually use the bathroom until we complete our PEX installation in the rest of the house.  That's set for the Saturday after next.  You can bet I'll still spend plenty of time in here in the meantime, gazing lovingly at every single element.

Participating in this One Room Challenge has been thrilling, insane, debilitatingly exhausting, and so much fun (really!).  I'm so excited to go look at everyone else's spaces!  If you want to go see them, click here!
Thanks for following along!


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