One Room Challenge: Master Bathroom

I'm excited to participate in the One Room Challenge!  Our current project was the perfect candidate for it; we started it a month ago and our progress has been painfully slow.  This challenge puts a deadline on completion, which simultaneously terrifies and fills me with hope.

The only pictures I have of the old bathroom are what I could grab from a Facebook live video tour, so they're terribly blurry.

We've already removed the old shower, vanity, mirrors, and floors.  I've detailed our plans for the room in another post here. 
Here's what we hope to accomplish by the six week deadline:
  • Demo (remove shower, vanity, floor, mirrors)
  • Frame new shower
  • Pour shower pan and prep walls for tile
  • Waterproof shower enclosure
  • Tile and grout shower
  • Replace plumbing throughout our house (insert OMG emoji here)
  • Install new vanity/sinks/faucets
  • Install door for powder room
  • Scrape popcorn texture
  • Paint
  • Install lighting, mirrors, and hardware
  • Install floors and new toilet
  • Decorate and shoot final pictures
We've never renovated a bathroom before, so there will be lots of firsts for us.  Here's hoping we can pull it all together in time!  I'm awfully tired of shuffling down the hallway in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

To see a list of the other ORC participants, click here.

Thanks for following along!


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