The Biggest Little Kitchen Final REVEAL

We freaking did it!

This week was a fitting end to this insanely challenging (for lack of a better word) challenge.  We battled a series of unfortunate events including two stomach bugs, a strep throat scare (turned out to be just a virus), and a generally bad disposition (me on little sleep).  But because "Philpots never give up", we pressed on and finished strong.  But you're not here for my whining; you want more pictures, right?  Here goes. I'll toss a few "before"s in.  HOPEFULLY you can tell the difference.  Please don't tell me if you can't. 
The diffuser for the flushmount light broke during installation, but because Wayfair is the BEST, they're shipping a new one.
I've never cooked with these, and I might return them for cast iron.  Help me decide?

Our dining/ping pong room isn't complete, but she's come a long way!

This faucet vies with the soapstone for my first place favorite thing.

We went with Legrand outlets and switches in dark bronze to blend in with the soapstone backsplash.

I found Csonka's Custom Rustics on Etsy, and they made these shelf brackets and the custom coffee mug rack.

My biggest goal for this small kitchen (100 square feet not including the island/breakfast table) was to make it work for entertaining.  I can't wait to host our first gathering!

That about sums it up.  I'll follow up next week with a source post for where we got everything.  For now, I'm off to look through everyone else's reveals (and you should too)!  Or take a nap.  Both?

Thank you SO much for following along!!!


  1. Would not believe this was this same space!! You did an amazing job keeping things simple but so polished and beautiful

    1. Thank you!!! Sometimes I try to "see" the old kitchen here, and I can't anymore.

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I definitely can tell the difference. Don't know if this will be in your source post , but where did you purchase your dishes on the shelves?


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