ORC Week 5: When One Room Becomes Three and a Half

Everything was going really well. We were on track, even ahead!  That is, I thought we were ahead until I realized that I don't have one room to finish by next week; I have three and a half.  Our kitchen is situated in between two other rooms and a hallway, and there is no way to show off all the work we've done without revealing those other very unfinished spaces.  Eek!

I took some time Tuesday and Wednesday to begin priming those spaces where we had done some drywall work previously.  On Wednesday, I managed to paint the walls and ceiling of the kitchen.

Our punch list now looks something like this:

  • Make, install, caulk, and paint baseboards
  • Caulk and paint door casings and cabinet trim
  • Cut, sand, stain, seal, and install shelves and window sill
  • Install three light fixtures
  • Cut and install toekicks and final two cover panels
  • Paint the adjoining study and hang art over piano (because that will be one of the main perspectives in the room reveal)
  • Paint the adjoining living room (which happens to have high ceilings which are a PAIN to paint)
  • Prime and paint back door, closet, bath, and utility room doors.  Replace door knobs.
  • Install cabinet pulls
  • Install hanging rod for pans
  • Buy new pans (help me choose!  I know I want pretty, dishwasher safe, not teflon because that's why we're replacing the old ones)
  • Style and take pictures
Y'all, we have like six days.  I'm going to go ahead and make this a short post and get back to work.  

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