ORC Week 4: A Real Time Update

It's no secret that we had a bit of a head start on this renovation; although we're only four weeks into the challenge, we actually demolished the old kitchen in January.  We've been working almost every day on the kitchen since the challenge began, but most of our work is very low impact visually (replacing the back door but not painting it yet, updating electrical that lives behind cabinets or appliances, patching and texturing a very bad drywall job done by a contractor in February, driving to IKEA thirty seven times, etc).

Where are we today?  So far, we've:

  • demolished the old kitchen
  • had the gas line moved 
  • widened the opening into the former dining room/new study
  • hired a (not great) drywall guy to fix the ceiling after the gas line was moved
  • fixed most of his mistakes
  • installed new flooring
  • moved water and electrical lines
  • installed cabinet boxes, fronts, and almost all cover panels
  • replaced the back door
  • lowered our cleanliness standards by about 450% because we're basically living exclusively upstairs and this is solely a construction zone (so please don't judge!!)

Over the next two weeks, we will:
  • finish trimming out the cabinets (today)
  • install door casings and and baseboards (this week)
  • have counters, sink, and backsplash installed (FRIDAY!!!)
  • update switches and outlets 
  • install new range, dishwasher, faucet, etc
  • install lighting
  • install shelves around window
  • paint
  • install cabinet hardware
  • clean, style, and photograph!!!
Our list feels challenging (ha) but manageable.  I think our first ORC was much more hopeless feeling at this stage, and we still finished it on time, so that's encouraging.

Are you participating?  I'd love to check out your space!  To see the other participants, click here.

Thanks for following along!


  1. You're soooo close! I can't wait to see how this comes together!


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