Girls' Bathroom Reveal (Almost)

We started work on the girls' bathroom on Black Friday by demolishing everything.  We tried to keep a strong pace so we could finish by Christmas, but we came up short.  After taking a few days off for Christmas break, we were able to finally complete it on New Years Eve, thirty nine days after starting the project!
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the unfocused pictures.  It's a super cloudy day, but I just don't have the patience to wait for the sun! These were the best I could do with my amateur understanding of my camera.  Once I get this space styled, I'll try to get good images.

We're all so happy with how this space came together.  Patrick and I wanted to make it really special for our two girls.  They've been brushing their teeth in our AWFUL half demolished downstairs powder room since we moved here over the summer, so it was important to us to show them what kind of bathroom we think they deserve.

This room started off as the worst in the house.  It's the first room I cried in here (although almost every room was christened with my tears by the end of the first week...we've come a long way).  We think this was the seller's favorite place to smoke.  Everything about the space was just awful, from the cracked pedestal sink, to the floor that squeaked by the toilet, to the musty smelling shower, to the peeling drywall on the ceiling.

On our first day of demolition, we discovered some good and bad news.  The bad news was that the shower tiles had no waterproofing at all, so there was some mold in the walls.  Thankfully, that was easily fixed by removing the wet insulation and applying Concrobium.  The good news was that the shower wall was on the exterior of the house.  We thought it shared a wall with our vaulted living room, but it turned out to be just high enough to clear the slope of the roof.  That meant we could add a window for natural light!  

The pink board and batten wall treatment, inspired by (ripped off from?) this space by Cherished Bliss, was my jumping off point for designing this room.  I wanted it to be fit for a couple of princesses. 

After seeing how much of a difference great mirrors could make in our master bathroom, it was important to me to find the perfect mirrors for their space.  In keeping with the princess theme, I wanted something that screamed "Mirror, mirror, on the wall".  They needed to fit a pretty specific dimension as well; they had to be tall enough to be hung in a way that they wouldn't look oddly low, but to where the girls can see their reflections(disclaimer: they can't.  Hopefully I'll share a tutorial soon on DIY under-vanity stools.  Whoops!).  They also needed to be as wide as possible without being so wide as to make centering them over the faucets impossible.  I searched high and low online, and came up empty everywhere (except Anthropologie, but those were defininitely out of our price range).  Finally, on the last Saturday of 2018, it was now or never.  Patrick sent me out and told me not to come home without mirrors.  I'm pretty sure he was serious.  I went to Hobby Lobby, Target, Home Goods, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Bel Furniture, and struck out.  I was driving toward Pier One when an At Home store that I didn't know was there literally appeared from nowhere became visible as I passed Costco.  I took it as a sign, and boy was I right!  There, in the last of eight aisles devoted to mirrors, I found exactly what I was looking for.

The room isn't quite final reveal ready, but since we're observing no-spend January, I won't be able to style it for another month.

Source List:
Bathtub $206
Tile $0.15/pc
Shower/Tub Fittings $183.99 (don't forget the rough in valve, $46.99)
Floors $2.39/ft
Window $181.50
Toilet $169
Vanity $579
Faucets $57.99
Mirrors $49.99
Towel Hooks $12.99
Toilet Paper Hanger $15.99
Niche Ledge (I don't remember exact price!  Maybe $80?)
Sconce $47.99
Bath Fan $139
Walls/Ceiling Color - Soft Wool by Valspar for Ace, color matched to Valspar for Lowes (eggshell)
Paneling/Trim Color - Rosewater by Behr, color matched to Valspar for Lowes (semigloss)

Thanks for following along!


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