One Room Challenge: Details and Source List

It's been one week since we completed our master bathroom as part of the One Room Challenge.  We've enjoyed six days of not doing anything at all to our house (well except for propping up a section of fence that blew down), and we're getting ready for a day of continuing to install PEX tomorrow!  We hope to connect the PEX system to the water main on Saturday, meaning we will finally be able to use this room for more than makeup.  Yay!

I thought it would be a good idea to make one post with all the sources for the room.

For starters, the walls are Soft Wool by Valspar for Ace, color matched to Valspar for Lowes.  Trim is Feathers of a Dove by Valspar for Ace, color matched to Valspar for Lowes.  I decided to try this color combo when I saw Jenny Komenda do it here.  The colors look more subtle in this space, and I'm really pleased with the mood of it.

 We bought our "vanity" (bookshelf) from World Market.  It's the Keenan.  We were disappointed to discover while drilling holes for the drains that despite the description on the website, it's actually made of particle board with acacia wood veneers.  That probably doesn't bode well for its longevity.  If it ever starts to swell or wear badly, we'll have to replace the top with a different material.  I kind of hope it will be okay.  That's how laminate counters are made, right?  Ugh.  Anyway, I'm still happy with the look and function of it for now.  The two woven baskets are from Target, the wire basket is from Lowes, and the faux marble oval tray is by Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart.
 I've gotten more comments and questions about these mirrors than anything else in the room.  They're from Target, cost $59.99 each, and come in three different colors.  We chose black.

The light fixtures are from Home Depot, and were very inexpensive.  I think maybe $15ish each? 
 These sinks (currently on super sale at $62) and faucets were the jumping off point for the whole room.  I saw one of my favorite designer/bloggers use them here, and fell in love.  The drains were a splurge at $28 each, but I love the pop-up design.
 These faucets.  Installing them came with a huge learning curve, and we ended up tearing out all the drywall in the room behind them to get access, but they were worth the effort!  If you buy them for your own house, be warned that the instructions provided in the box don't include information for this model, but for other faucets by the same brand.  We had to study the pieces themselves to figure it out.  Hot tip: the face on the handles spins off to reveal a screw you can use to take it apart, which is necessary to get it installed.  It took us MONTHS to figure that out.  You're welcome.
 This sliding door was a hail mary.  I imagined it on Tuesday morning, about 27 hours before my self-imposed photo deadline.  I dropped off our youngest at her preschool at 9:30, and by 2:30 when I picked her up, I had bough materials, built the door, and primed it.  I managed to get two coats of paint on it that afternoon, and Patrick hung it that night.  It's not square, it squeaks loudly when it slides open or closed, and the back isn't finished yet, but I'm still so proud!  I don't see us using it very often (our schedules are so different that there's rarely a need to share the bathroom), but I'm happy that it's there.  I'll do a post about how I built it later.

The rug is from Target, and it's mashine washable!  Major win.  I can't find it online, but check your store!
 I used black iron pipe for the track at the top and as a towel bar/structural support.  Hand towel is from the Target kitchen area.
 I'm so happy with how our shower came out!  We got the subway tile from Lowes, the black marble hex tile and black grout from Floor and Decor, and the black travertine slabs for the half wall, the niche, and the curb from the Tile Shop.
 The shower stool was an impulse staging purchase on Wednesday.  It's actually a side table from Target, and I got it for $40 on clearance.  The sticker said it's made of teak, so I figured it would make for pretty pictures, and then we can see how it goes.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rot!
 We bought our shower panel from Wayfair.  The chrome finish of the sprayers definitely isn't my favorite, but the price, ease of installation, and function won me over.  I love that we'll be able to set a temperature with the digital thermostat and never have to fiddle with getting the hot/cold mix just right.  Since this bathroom had no space for a tub, it was important to me to get as close to feeling submerged in boiling water as possible.  Come quickly, Saturday!  Mama has a crick in her neck.
Last but not least, the window.  This was a temporary solution, phase one if you will.  Right outside that window is the roof of our water damaged, rotting, previously termite infested back porch.  When we're finished with our interior projects, we'll be removing the porch entirely and replacing it with a second story deck that will be accessed by our master bathroom.  This window will be replaced with french doors (assuming I win the battle against a sliding door).  Because I knew this window would be gone within the next two years, I felt brave enough to try painting it black.  It worked!  The first three coats looked horrible, but the fourth coat started to look like something decent, and the fifth coat perfected it.  I applied privacy film to the glass so we wouldn't have to use any window treatments.  I love the simplicity of it, and all the natural light we get all day is beautiful!

I really appreciate all the kind feedback we've gotten on this room.  We poured ourselves into it, and hearing everyone's encouragement feels great.

Thanks for following along!


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