Building Out a Closet in Our Girls' Room

Our two daughters have shared a room since our youngest was two.  It works out really well for our family, so when we moved into our new home, we knew we wanted them to continue sharing for at least another couple of years.  The one problem with that idea was their new room's layout: only one wall was long enough to accommodate their bunk bed.  If we used that wall, we wouldn't even be able to open the door to their room fully.

My solution was to eliminate the original closet, which spanned an entire wall at the back of their room.  This allowed us to place the bed on that newly exposed back wall.  Unfortunately, it also left them without a closet for a couple of weeks.

We were able to build a new closet for them for almost nothing.  The only things we had to purchase were four studs, two sheets of drywall, and two edging strips for the drywall corners.  We already had fasteners and finishing materials for the drywall, and we used the hanging rod from the old closet (cut to size).  

We also used the girls' dressers (IKEA Rast, decorated by them with acrylic paints a few years ago) and some leftover pine stair treads from another project to create a built-in area at the bottom.  Finding those white containers at Target in exactly the dimensions we needed was probably the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me.  They fit like a glove!

It's still a work in progress; we need to add a shelf above the rod for off season storage, and I think I actually want to replace the rod with one in a natural wood finish to match the built ins.  I also plan to add a very special necklace display using some cute wooden hearts Patrick made for the girls last Valentines Day.  Still, this room has already come a very long way, and I'm really pleased with the way it works for them!

Sadly, this picture from inspection day is the only "before" I have.  The new closet is in the same corner as the old nightstand.
Thanks for following along!


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